+ people

remember didier (although not great today) hasnt played a match in a loooooong time + been injured - not that surprising he wasn’t up to speed - we were clearly trying to get away with not playing costa + remy and it didnt pay off this time…

+ he wasn’t the only player that was off speed at some points during the game 

anyway bring on city on sun!

oh well

cfc were due to play a bit of a dud game

although silver linings we are 1pt up on last year…

+ the other match in our group finished a draw aswell didnt it….

Just hope this concentrates the minds of the players towards the city game and we don’t f it up after this…

Interviewer: Do you still speak to him now?

Eden: Yes and did when we played against him with West Ham last season. It’s always good to see this guy!