Swansea City 0-1 Chelsea (Demba Ba)


Cor blimey that was the definition of grinding out a win

FT 1-0 to CFC

i said before the match i dont care how we win as long as we do…and we did so well done CFC + well done Demba (he may not be the best but thank god we have him ey? + a confident Demba could come in very useful with only a few games to go!)

now 2pts off LFC…




Baaaa 1-0!

COME ON CHELSEA…just win…please!

ht 0-0

Flores sent off (for being an idiot)

ironically meant they have sat back which hurts us more…

can only hope they get tired and gaps appear…or someone on the CFC team wakes up…

someone should tell CFC that if they win this match they are back in the title race…might wake them up!

Edit: Also where is my Salah of the past few games…you know the one that shoots on target? or schurrle…surely one shot has to go on target in the 2nd half?

final LFC note…never utter the words ‘written in the stars’ when talking abou them…thats ‘our’ thing…got it!

right had enough of talking about liverpool to last me a lifetime today…so


LFC win 5pts clear at the mo but Henderson suspended for the CFC game…puts more pressure on Gerrard (assuming he doesnt get a yellow in his next match so would miss ours)…not sure how suarez wasnt sent off either…

Man City…what a bunch of twerps!

anyway Come on Chelsea…just win!


I never support LFC for any reason


if you still #believe CFC have a chance of winning the league, well, LFC winning isnt the worst result for us (assuming you know that we win our games…)

and if this game has shown us anything its that their defence is f**king bad…