the Scottie dogs in the Commonwealth Games #openingceremony are the cutest things ever!

ft 1-1

not a win but i like what i saw especially from the young’uns (yes i know its a friendly)

their goal was a harsh one for pete to concede on his game back…Boga is making a bit of a name for himself isnt he

Interviewer: “For you personally, you signed a 5 year deal, what are your targets and your goals?”

"To win everything, to win absolutely everything. It is the only thing missing in my career, the Champions League. The rest I’ve won it, but I want to win it all over again. And I will give my best, with my experience and my commitment that I can give to the team, to achieve this target" - Cesc Fabregas

who’s next for eng captain

wayne rooney - dear god, prob most likely but come on, half the time he is injured or out of form + he is the last of the troubled ‘golden generation’, time to start anew!

joe hart - would be fine with him, at least he shows passion, is guaranteed to start, a few misdemeanours here and there but forgettable, only problem for me is i hate goalkeeper captains! oh he needs to stop the ads aswell!

gaz cahill - obviously i would put gaz in the mix, but he has never got himself into trouble, a good role model, has worked hard to get to where he is ie, a ucl champ etc, also another guaranteed starter. i love a CB captain, can see the whole pitch. think gaz could be an outsider for this! to be fair i just like gaz!

who else - Lamps? too old, could be retiring from internat. football anyway so thats a no go. well i saw someone suggest Leighton Baines which would have been fine except the world cup pretty much showed up why he actually might not be in the team for much longer. Phil Jagielka, again perfectly fine, but not won much during his career, started to pick up injuries etc just dont think it would be right. Jack wilshere, hes always injured, smoking etc if he does become eng captain its not gonna be anytime soon. so yeah i dont think eng have an array of options to be honest… :(